CCNA Routing and Switching


The CCNA certification training includes both Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 1 (ICND1) and Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 2 (ICND2) courses merged into one. Participants in this CCNA course will learn to install, configure, operate, and manage basic IPv4 / IPv6 networks. This Routing & Switching course also imparts skills to configure a LAN switch and IP router, connect to WAN, and find security threats. This CCNA training will cover in detail topics related to troubleshooting in enterprise networks and prepare candidates for the real world once they complete their CCNA certification.

Basic IP address knowledge & Understanding of network fundamentals
CCNA Routing & Switching (R&S) provides skills and knowledge to configure, operate, manage and troubleshoot a medium-sized enterprise network, including the ability to ensure security of the network.

15 days

Intended Audience

  • Network Security Specialist
  • Network Engineers
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Network Security Support Engineer

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What you'll learn

Description and Comparison OSI and TCP/IP models, Compare and contrast TCP and UDP protocols, Describing basic Networking infrastructure and Data Flow between Two Host.

Deploying, configuration and troubleshooting networking hardware, Routers and Switches, IOS installation, hardware upgradation.

BMAC learning and aging, Access ports (data and voice) and Trunk ports, VTP (v1&v2), and 802.1Q, Native VLAN, Configure, verify, and troubleshoot STP protocols, STP mode (PVST+ and RPVST+), STP root bridge selection, Configure, verify and troubleshoot STP related optional features

Describe the routing concepts, Configure, verify, and troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 static routing,

OSPF: Configure, verify, and troubleshoot single area and multi-area

EIGRP: Configure, verify, and troubleshoot EIGRP for IPv4, Troubleshoot basic

pLayer 3 end-to-end connectivity issues

Configure and verify PPP and MLPPP on WAN interfaces using local authentication

Configure, verify, and troubleshoot PPPoE client-side interfaces using local authentication, Configure, verify, and troubleshoot GRE tunnel connectivity

Describing Ip Services DHCP, SNMP, Netflow and FHRP and NTP. Configuring and troubleshooting Layer 2 and Layer 3 Security Access-lists, SSH and secret password configurations.

VPN (Virtual Private Network), Site to Site VPN and DMVPN Majorly. Concept of IP6 Routing. Quality of Service, Cloud Computing and SDN Technologies.

Lab Topics
  • LAB Set up
  • Start with Command line Interface
  • Reviewing Switch operation.
  • Initial Configuration of Switches.
  • Configure VLAN, access port and Trunk port.
  • Configure Root Bridge and understanding STP process.
  • Troubleshoot STP Problems.
  • Configuration of Ether Channel.
  • Configure Static Route
  • Configure Access-List
  • Configure Static NAT, Dynamic NAT and PAT
  • Configure a Router on a Stick
  • Configure and troubleshoot HSRP.
  • Configure and Verify EIGRP
  • Troubleshooting in EIGRP
  • Case Study in EIGRP
  • Configure and Verify Single-Area OSPF
  • Configure and Verify Multiarea OSPF
  • Troubleshoot Multiarea OSPF
  • Challenges in EIGRP
  • Challenges in OSPF
  • Troubleshooting IPv4 Connectivity Challenge
  • Configure and Verify GRE Tunnel
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