CCNA Security


A CCNA Security certification will enable you to develop a security infrastructure using Cisco network devices, acquire skills to install and monitor network devices, and recognize and control threats to the security structure. This CCNA Security course on latest version IINS version 3 deliver the core security concepts, VPN encryption, understand the secure access management, firewall, IPS, endpoint security along with email and web security.

Candidates will learn to install, troubleshoot, and monitor the secure networks to maintain CIA and learn how to take preventive steps to stop such threats through this training.

Working knowledge of the Windows operating system & Working knowledge of Cisco IOS networking and concepts

18 days

Intended Audience
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Network Engineers
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Network Security Support Engineer

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What you'll learn

This course enables you to perform basic tasks to secure a network using Cisco IOS security features, which are available through web-based GUIs on the Cisco ASA, and the command-line interface (CLI) on Cisco routers and switches.

Site-to-site virtual private network (VPN) configuration is covered on both the Cisco IOS and the Cisco ASA. Modern malware examples are included in this course as are cryptographic techniques using stronger hashing and encryption algorithms. Current versionsof Cisco IOS, Cisco ASA, and Cisco AnyConnect are featured.

Network Security Concept, CIA, Classifying Vulnerabilities, Attack Methods, Common Security Threats, Network Security Threat Landscape, Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack, Data Loss Protection.

Implementing AAA in Cisco IOS, Cisco Secure ACS, Radius, and TACACS, Cisco ISE, Integration router with ACS, Bring your Own Device(BYOD), BYOD Component, MDM Deployment.

Understanding of VPN, CIA, Cryptography basic components, IPsec, SSL, Public Key Infrastructure, PKI topologies, Certificate Authority, fundamental of IP security, IKE-Internet Key Exchange, Implementation of Site to Site VPNs, SSL VPN, Cisco Any Connect

Securing Layer-2 Technologies, Network Foundation Protection, Securing the management plane using AAA, Secure Data Plane, Securing Routing protocols: OSPF, EIGRP, BGP and Control plane.

Understanding the Firewall Fundamental, Configuring Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewalls, Configuring Firewall Policy On ASA, IPS and IDS Fundamental.

Mitigation Technologies for E-mail based and Web based Threats, Mitigation technologies for Endpoint threats, Antivirus and Antimalware Solutions, E-mail Encryption, Encrypting Endpoint Data at rest.

Lab Topics

Configure and Verify AAA, Configuration Management Protocols, Securing Routing Protocols, VLAN Security and ACLs on Switches, Port Security and Private VLAN Edge

Cisco ASA Interfaces and NAT, Access Control Using the Cisco ASA, Configuring Zone-Based Firewall, Configure Site-to-Site VPN

Remote Access VPN: ASA and AnyConnect, Clientless Remote Access VPN, Configure AAA and Secure Remote Administration, Configure Secure Network Management Protocols

Configure Secure EIGRP Routing, Configure Secure Layer 2 Infrastructure, Configure DHCP Snooping and STP Protection, Configure Interfaces and NAT on ASA, Configure Network Access Control with the ASA

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